About NakedArt®

Back in 2001 when we started making sculptures from live models, something that started as a bit of fun, before too long became more and more serious as people heard what we were doing and wanted to have a sculpture made. We didn’t think marketing sculptures under our own name would work.

We came up with the idea of NakedArt then added in the by line of “sculptures from live models”

We registered NakedArt®

Little did we know back then that Naked in any email would soon be classed as SPAM and would be blocked –  ForeverYoung and ForeverYoungPhotography was created https://ForeverYoung.co.nz

NakedArt - Photos - "Not Safe for Work"

We are asked to take a wide range of photos, boudoir, lingerie, nudes, couples, model portfolios for new and experienced models, events etc.

For example the nude model in the snow was her first time seeing snow, such a great time her running around nude for about an hour, with cars driving past close by.

We have been asked to put together a range of different looks, from simple fashion shoots to a little raunchy ie “50 shades of grey” styling. We love sitting with couples and clients over coffee to discuss photo shoot ideas, this is the fun part, the part where we can let our fantasies run wild to make your dreams come true

I think this is where we have an edge over other photographers our creative edge

We can arrange most things, have stylists that we can call on for hair and make up.

We have lots of locations that we can recommend, hotels, motels, beaches that are secluded for some fun nudes on the beach. We recall one couple that skype called us in the nude…so they got the hang of being nude around us.

The below gallery of images is just a sample, of course from a privacy point of view, we limited to what we can show you.

Make contact to have a chat over coffee about what you want from your photo shoot or if you are from outside of Christchurch, make contact to book a Skype or Zoom call book your modeling session or to see what sculptures we have available – Email us here


NakedArt started with sculptures from live models, however we always had a passion for photography and so added that to our service offering after a young lady from New York asked if we could do nude photos of her as a gift to her boyfriend who was working in Antarctica.

That’s how NakedArt expanded from sculpture into photography.

Our Workshop

We have a studio in Kaiapoi, just north of Christchurch. You are most welcome to visit just call first to avoid disappointment (027) 222-4767

We have to make our larger sculptures on site, due to the need for access to machinery. Whereas our photography is mobile, where we are called on to take photos throughout New Zealand and Australia. Call us/or email to have a chat over coffee, if you are not able to meet face to face we can Skype or Zoom you.

Angel sculpture

You can either choose sculptures from our collector series, Classical, Contemporary, Sporty and Some a little naughty or commission us to make a sculpture of you or your loved one, or we can create a sculpture of you both.

Commission us to take photos of you and or your loved one, or of you both. As the name suggests and yes we get asked to photograph a lot of nudes, but thats just one of the styles we can do.

The key for us, what ever you want to do – to build strength in your relationships, relationship with yourself or with your partner.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso


can make your reality into a sculpture or photos, captured Forever Young​

Visit our studio and gallery of 30+ of sculptures from live models, in glass, aluminium, bronze.

Please call first to avoid disappointment

136 Charles St, formerly 65a Cass St, Kaiapoi

Ph: (03) 327-0066

Mob: (027) 222-4767


NakedArt are part of the local Arts Trail. Come visit local award winning Artists.