NakedArt – sculptures from live models

chose from the collector series, classical, contemporary, sporty and some a little naughty, or commission a sculpture of yourself!


NakedArt sculptures are in collections and museums in 15 different countries

make an impact in your home, garden or office – with a NakedArt sculpture

mediums include glass, bronze, aluminium or our interior faux metallic finish

Wall hung sculptures

Wall sculptures are simple to hang in your entrance, living room, bedroom or bathroom… not forgetting your office

Garden sculpture

garden sculpture in aluninium, its durable and affordable

Glass sculptures

NakedArt glass sculptures are one of a kind, mounted on stone bases.

Hand sculptures

Capturing a moment in time forever

Couple sculptures

Couple sculptures create a sensual feel to the room they are in.

Private commission sculptures

Creating a mould from someone is quick and easy

Choose a NakedArt sculpture

Each sculpture is hand finished with multiple layers of glazes, which reflects light, dynamic in its appeal.

NakedArt detail

  • captures muscle tone
  • finger prints
  • wide range of stylings
  • life size
  • style, finishes and medium to accommodate a range of budgets
  • our experience is unmatched

NakedArt photography

  • Sensual
  • Couples
  • Fun fantasies

“We have three NakedArt sculptures in different rooms in our home, we love them, moving them from room to room. Visitors say how beautiful they are”


NakedArt collector

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